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American outsourcing company reduces 70% manual efforts in migrating applications to Cloud

Our client, an American outsourcing company, provides business process services to government health and human services agencies across North America, Australia, UK and KSA. Their services primarily support enrolments for government-sponsored programs. The services to the public are offered through multiple communication channels such as web, phone, email, mobile or in-person. Over the years, they have built a strong expertise in matching state and third-party data sources to help consumers accurately determine their enrollment eligibility. Each state in the US has a separate instance of an enrolment application running with approximately 60% of common codebase and 40% state-specific customizations. Their main tech stack included Java, iBATIS, Kettle and Oracle.

The Challenge

Our client supports enrolments for government-sponsored programs.

Their enrolment applications run on-premises using a legacy technology stack that lacked flexibility and scalability. Any increase in daily enrolments slowed down batch processing, requiring after-office hours support to monitor and ensure no further failures in batch processing. It also led to an increase in their operational cost year on year. 

This set of challenges called for modernizing their application on the cloud to reduce operating costs and increase system performance. To achieve business operations efficiency, the client needed advisory services and chose Virtusa as their trusted consultant and partnered to do the first set of migration and validate the technical approach.

The Solution

Virtusa migrated one instance of the Enrolment application from Oracle to AWS infrastructure as a pilot. We built a regex-based utility to reduce manual efforts in remediating Postgres compatibility issues for approximately 650 iBATIS mapper and Kettle ETL scripts; defined the deployment process for performing repetitive migrations in higher environments; built a framework for schema reconciliation; data validations and repetitive migrations; and brought performance metrics to a baseline.

Our Database Migration Approach:

AWS SCT and DMS were the primary migration tools used for database migration. Virtusa carried out the database migration in three phases.

Phase 1: Schema conversion

  • SCT converted 80% of the code objects automatically
  • The remaining 20% of the code with complex conversion issues were remediated manually.

Phase 2: Database migration: DMS used to migrate the data from Oracle to Aurora PostgreSQL 

Phase 3: Schema reconciliation and data validation post-migration

AWS services used

  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon RDS
AWS Cloud Migration Solutions
The Benefit

Virtusa’s solution led the client working on a scalable factory model for migrating the rest of the Enrolment applications.

The batch processing performance improved significantly, and the run time was consistently in-line with the support team’s estimates for any given load volume. We estimated that the newly built remediation utility helped reduce development efforts and could be reused for future migrations.

Some of the other benefits include:

  • 70% lesser development efforts due to the remediation utility
  • 47% estimated savings in operational costs
  • Consistent and predictable batch processing results
  • Scalable factory model for migrating rest of the Enrolment applications
Rapidly and successfully migrate applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud with minimum business disruption

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