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American data analytics company improved its productivity by ~10% with IoT


Virtusa helped a leading American data analytics company to leverage the power of IoT to improve its productivity by up to 10%


Our client is a leading data analytics company based in America that considers employees a company’s greatest asset. They wanted to enhance workplace safety for every blue-collar employee by using actionable insights to reduce on-the-job injuries while improving productivity.

Virtusa collaborated with the client to empower them to use real-time actionable insights by developing a wearable sensory device to monitor and manage work facility offerings for its customers.

The Challenge

As the client was struggling with a disparate system that was building a disconnected work environment, it could not track, analyze, and infer results about the reasons and nature of any work activity being hazardous or not. Moreover, with siloed processes, collecting and analyzing work metrics across industries was a time-consuming, error-prone task that led to low productivity and rising costs.

However, the client’s pressing challenge remained to improve its core offering of ensuring employee safety for its customers. Thus, the client was looking for an IT partner to identify inexplicable reasons and reduce workplace injuries.

The Solution

Virtusa helped the client harness the power of the internet of things (IoT) by developing a wearable sensory device to monitor and manage work facility offerings for its customers’ workforce.

Our team implemented customizable sensors to track work, monitor injury occurrence, and deliver the data needed to prevent similar events in the future to strengthen the client’s core offering.

Virtusa seamlessly integrated the wearable sensory device with blue-collared employees to establish a standard working atmosphere and conditions to benefit its client’s offerings by:

  1. Gathering data: Data collected through this device was transmitted through WiFi or cellular to the cloud.
  2. Detecting fraud: By identifying potentially hazardous or inefficient activities, the client was able to modify work procedures and improve work activities.
  3. Developing metrics: User-friendly dashboards tracked employee timestamps, thus empowering supervisors, and risk managers to improve productivity.
  4. Analyzing reports: Actionable reports were available for supervisors to view on mobile devices and web browsers.
  5. Employee performance: Employees could manage their work activities and utilize insights to achieve their highest performance.
The Benefits
  • Productivity savings of 5% to 10%
  • Reduced idle time
  • Improved work-rate
  • Increased accuracy workplace data metrics
  • Reduced employee injury incidents
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