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Accelerating business outcomes with data-driven decisions for a top Insurance company in Australia

Using advanced Cloudera big data platform

The client is a leading global insurance company with a long history of serving millions of customers across Australia. The company has three primary business channels - Intermediaries, Financial Institutions, and Customer Direct- through which they sell a wide range of insurance products.

The Challenge

The client faced multiple challenges around traditional data management, which marred their growth journey. The company wanted to embark on a growth strategy through data and machine learning to explore and learn customer behaviors and improve customer experience. Their existing ecosystem could not capture diverse data types, generate comprehensive insights, or integrate data with decision-making. The large sets of data in different formats across different platforms created key challenges like:

  • Lack of a unified data platform to meet the varied analytical needs of the organization
  • Managing vast amounts of data from potential application domains like insurance claim settlements
  • Meeting the needs of the end-users on time
The Solution

Virtusa’s enterprise-grade data management and reporting services

Virtusa collaborated with the client in building an integrated data platform on Cloudera to manage and govern big data. The solution helped the company analyze data with real-time analytics to make smarter, agile, data-driven decisions. Virtusa helped the client with the following:

1. Architect, design, and build a modern data platform capable of catering to a wide range of data reporting and analytics

2. Engineered and built two new frameworks as part of the delivery in a highly accelerated time frame with key benefits like:

  • Low code/no-code development approach - using YAML constructs to define transformation rules
  • Common source code for all projects and tables – in the Data Mart transformation layer
  • Significantly improved development timeframes 
  • Inbuilt unit test cases for various modules to quickly assess the impact of code changes to core
  • Cater from simple to highly complex transformations using just a YAML specification.

3. Implemented best practices of the data platform to have the raw data and processed data available to meet the needs of multiple user communities’ needs

Accelerating business outcomes with data-driven decisions
The Benefit

Virtusa’s agile data platform architecture on Cloudera offered the client with opportunities to glean data insights with advanced analytic capabilities. The data platform solution improved efficiency in managing the client’s customer data and other business operations. We helped the company with:

  • 2x faster delivery of data to the end-users
  • Improved customer experience 
  • Low-cost data storage options
  • Explore experimentations with data  
  • Adhered to all the required standards, regulations, and compliance 
  • Accurate report performance and dashboards 
  • Incrementally improve the trends by monitoring
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