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25% ownership cost reductions for a power company

Our client is an industrial electrical group, headquartered in France, whose core business is to ensure the availability, control, and safety of low voltage electrical networks with an increased focus on customers' power performance. They are undisputed specialists in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) systems, mains supply changeover, power conversion and measurement. The client sought to upgrade their ERP system from Baan IV platform to meet new government regulations. Virtusa played a key role in upgrading the client's ERP systems. Leveraging our years of experience, Virtusa implemented the tools and templates for a smooth transition to Infor LN, helping the client be more market ready as well as compliant with the new statutory regulations.

The Baan IV platform became outdated and was over customized to suit the client's requirements. When the government rolled out the Goods and Service Tax (GST) in India in July 2017, the client knew their existing system would no longer meet their needs. They had to upgrade to not just stay compliant, but also to take advantage of the new functionalities in Infor LN, specifically designed for discrete manufacturing.



The Challenge

The client's existing ERP platform had limited capabilities, resulting in real-time sub-contracting and cost losses.

  • Complicated and incomplete outsourcing process for sub-assemblies
  • Cumbersome tracking of inventory and invetory balance
  • Limited capability to move average costing in real-time
  • Inability to provide checkpoints and approval mechanisms
The Solution

We leveraged our technology experience, tools, and templates to ensure a smooth and timely implementation of the updated Infor LN platform in preparation for the new compliance regulations.

  • Mapped all processes to Infor LN
  • Enabled a single data source for straight-through processing
  • Streamlined and standardized processes
The Solution
The Benefit

The client gained visibility into all areas of the manufacturing processes, including real-time reporting, which led to better and faster decision making. We also helped them avoid any file returns or penalties resulting from the new GST law. The client was able to better track inventory in quarantine, reduce inventory carrying costs, improve margins, and cut down lead times.

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