success story

A ten-plus year relationship with leading pharma company delivers excellence all along

A global pharmaceutical company in the US has been associated with Virtusa for more than ten years. The engagement is built on a solid ground and we've been enabling digital transformation across the organization.

With deep expertise in delivering Digital Infrastructure services, Virtusa has been providing exceptional outcomes in the field of identity and access management, SharePoint development, and FIM implementation right from the beginning of the partnership.



The Challenge

Constant pressure to redesign, restructure, and reconstruct IT landscape while generating significant returns

Need to modernize its eco-system

Help business embrace next generation application architectures and development patterns

Rigid systems made it difficult for internal teams to drive meaningful change

Need for a trusted third party to advance initiatives, building advocacy from IT, business groups, and vendors

The Solution

Designed and implemented solutions from the ground up combining capabilities that fostered adoption and growth simultaneously

Designed, implemented, and managed IAM platform for 100,000+ users and 200,000+ groups in 21 countries

Designed, implemented, and managed one of the world's top five SharePoint platforms

Designed, implemented, and managed one of the world's top five FIM platforms

Developed 20X faster provisioning system for private cloud

Enabled data virtualization and reporting automation for all mobile devices

The Solution
The Benefit

Achieved significant short term and long term objectives

Automation reduced server support costs by44%

Retirement and resource reclamation reduced TCO by 11%

Self-funded transformation of software asset management reduced annual cost by 20%

Hosted and managed regulated and complex business apps leveraging Virtusa's proprietary KORE platform

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