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Where is My Order? (WisMO 2.0)

Digital journey for leading in the new normal

Recent disruptions have tested the visibility, resiliency, and agility of all industry segments. Challenges such as the lack of real-time and accurate data, manual and inflexible processes, and siloed systems severely impact the business processes, leading to a loss in revenue, and reduced customer satisfaction.

How can organizations build agility, resiliency, transparency, and trust across the enterprise ecosystem?

Virtusa, with its engineering DNA, innovative solutions, and partnerships, has innovated digital transformations across industry value chains. WisMO 2.0 is our process agnostic command center framework that helps businesses have better and faster information flow across the organizational ecosystem.

Key features

WisMO 2.0 is a multi-layered architecture that follows Web 3.0 application principles

Command Center - A Web 3.0 Application


Enterprise application and ecosystems

  • SAP | Oracle | Infor
  • LSP freight management systems

Collaborative technology platform

  • API hub
  • Innovation hub - SmarTLogic

Application and plugin layer

  • Blockchain
  • Pega                                                                      

Enterprise experience layer

  • Manufactures
  • Logistics service providers                   

Our technology-agnostic solution integrates with Pega CDH, many custom build alogorithms  and creates persona-based predictive and prescriptive analytics for personalized and improved consumer experiences.

As a command center solution, WisMO 2.0:

  • Provides the ability to collect, store and share data among the stakeholders (retailers, wholesalers, logistic companies, shippers, receivers, manufacturers, carriers, freight brokers, customs, ports)
  • Provides visibility and trust of data to customer and suppliers
  • Provides qualitative and real-time data across all partners to support proactive decision making
  • Offers immutability and transparency through the complete journey
  • Digitized documents – storage, retrieval, and management
  • Validated and secured document flow
  • Support workflow management with alerts, events, and exceptions management
Key benefits

WisMO 2.0 can be adapted to any industry segment like retail, automotive, hi-tech, pharmaceuticals, etc., to manage complex supply chain challenges.

  • Improved business velocity 
  • Reduced revenue leakages and operating expenses 
  • Minimal intermediaries interactions 
  • Digital asset protection 
  • Partner ecosystem trust, reliability, and sustainability 
  • Digitally permanent, auditable records for the ecosystem 
  • Customer assurance and brand loyalty 
  • Better and stronger business partnerships
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics and decision support

Why Virtusa?

Future-proofing the supply chain is the topmost priority for organizations to survive in the current abnormal market scenario. It requires building agility, resiliency, transparency, and trust across the enterprise ecosystem. 

At Virtusa, we have bridged this gap by developing a unique framework that combines the unified power of two technologies (Blockchain + Pega) to bring in traceability and trust across the supply chain and the ecosystem partners, creating a predictive and prescriptive supply chain. 

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