Virtusa's Vulnerability Management Solution

Hackers always find new ways to intercept systems. One consistent path for hackers to exploit businesses is through the detection of vulnerabilities in software. These vulnerabilities frequently go unidentified by other security actions, such as firewalls. To determine the types of vulnerabilities hackers track, businesses need to embrace vulnerability management to ensure complete security.

Virtusa's Vulnerability Management solution (vVMS) helps identify an organization's network and applications that are susceptible to attacks, ones that are valuable to hackers and have the potential to cause greater impact on businesses including loss of data, disruption in regular business, or even financial damage.

vVMS is an advanced, automated, scalable, and integrated solution that detects and secures assets in real-time for organizations to ensure complete security of valuable data.

With networks being dynamic, information about its assets also needs to be updated constantly. vVMS comprehensive reporting module checks the complete data and cross-references it to each program to determine the vulnerability and prioritize the action.

vVMS prioritization module successfully ranks every risk discovered across applications and network assets. The method provides the right resource at the right place to meet the right demand, to ensure the most effective means of security. Once the vVMS has identified and categorized the vulnerabilities, organization can easily select ways of addressing them.

In a nutshell, Virtusa brings innovation within Vulnerability Management solution by covering:

  • Data discovery and ingestion leveraging ML/AI automation
  • Optimized governance and compliance management risks
  • Integrated ticketing, asset and user management system
  • Application and network monitoring
  • Semi-automated patch management
  • Realtime threat monitoring
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