Less is more with Virtusa-enabled vendor consolidation

Is your increasing vendor base becoming complex and adding to your cost burden?


Time is money and vendor consolidation is one of the biggest steps towards managing both effectively. 

Meet the evolving business needs while managing your vendor base at optimal cost with Virtusa’s consolidate for value model. It assimilates separate vendors into one managed-outcome team, providing added assurance of governance, productivity, scalability, and continuity delivered. Virtusa’s vendor consolidation approach minimizes complexity, assuring 15-30% upfront savings.


Amplify your business value with Virtusa’s Vendor Consolidation

Virtusa’s Vendor Consolidation helps you integrate separate teams into one productive team delivering outcomes aligned with larger organizational objectives.

Through a phase-wise approach, we perform a due diligence and identify your business needs to develop a unique framework that ensures maximum retention from the incumbent, additional cost mitigation from initial rebadging, strong governance to reduce risk and compliance issues, and optimum value.

Our approach is built on three pillars – noise-less transition, business continuity, and service transformation. Our key optimization levers that help deliver long-term sustainable value include work elimination through automation, efficiencies through tools and frameworks, and delivery frameworks such as Digital Transformation Studio and optimal offshoring

Vendor Consolidation - Key features

Success story

Vendor consolidation comprising 400 FTEs unlocks $47 M annual revenue in scope for a leading health insurance provider

To overcome vendor performance issues, a leading American health insurance provider partnered with Virtusa for vendor consolidation. Through a mutually beneficial partnership, Virtusa helped retain maximum resources from the incumbent with vendor commitment to backfill any attritions for one year. The client experienced process standardization, better governance and cadence, and no disruption to delivery.

Success story

Virtusa’s vendor consolidation for value model assures $464 M savings for a leading global search engine giant

In over 13 years of product engineering partnership with Virtusa, the client has accelerated its time-to-market from ideation to launch. By the third year, Virtusa delivered 46% cost savings on the current spend of $339.5 M through efficiencies and productivity gains while ensuring service delivery with its time-bound approach to transition vendors’ resources while maintaining BAU delivery. 

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