Virtusa's Threat Intelligence Services

Often, security professionals are overburdened with managing a plethora of internal, external, and third-party risks. Considering an evolving threat landscape, complex IT environments, and dearth of visibility into the partner ecosystem, maintaining a robust cyber security posture is quite challenging.

Virtusa's Threat Intelligence Services (TIS) assess and grade an organization's cyber security posture and offer recommendations for vulnerability remediation. A rigorous, non-intrusive, and automated assessment of internal and external risks across multiple categories results in Rapid and Comprehensive Cyber Risk Scorecards. These scorecards help organizations defend themselves against attackers and stay a step ahead of them.

Virtusa's TIS empowers businesses with the insight needed to continuously identify, monitor, and manage cyber risks throughout the entire ecosystem. With cyber risk scorecards, organizations get complete visibility of their security posture along with actionable recommendations to improve it.

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