Virtusa's Secure Software Assurance Maturity Model

Virtusa's Secure Software Assurance Maturity Model (vSSAMM) helps businesses formulate and implement a security strategy for software development that is tailored to specific risks. The model is quick and easy to deploy and will help organizations to improve their software security posture by building a robust assurance program aligning with the organizational structure. It offers intuitive self-assessment capabilities to gain valuable insights into their software assurance risks and helps demonstrate necessary improvements. The model also helps map security standards with industry benchmarks such as the ISO and PCI.

vSSAMM defines four critical business functions:

  • Governance
  • Construction
  • Verification
  • Operations

After the assessment, Open vSSAMM proposes several roadmaps templates to choose from. Organizations can further customize their roadmap based on these templates, which explains which section of Security practice needs improvement and try to achieve the required level.

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