Site Reliability Engineering for Banks & Financial Institutions

Increase release velocity without compromising reliability

Traditional software and platform support practices were designed for monoliths which require banks and financial institutions to plan downtime during releases. These support processes have significant toil and cause high non-value add times in the operating platform.

How can banks and financial institutions increase release velocity without compromising reliability?

Virtusa’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) for Banks and Financial Institutions is an end-to-end  platform that bridges the divide between development and operations. SRE measures and prepares for outages before they happen and increases nonfunctional requirements in production.

Virtusa focuses on five key areas to build a fault tolerant system
for increased reliability without visibly impacting customers.

Key benefits

With a comprehensive platform, banks and financial institutions can address challenges in all key areas of SRE: risk, toil, automation, monitoring, and measurement.

Move beyond the one size fits all services with Virtusa to:

  • Improve service reliability 
  • Gain monitoring and enablement of leading indicators 
  • Reduce mean time to remediation 
  • Achieve near zero downtime releases 
  • Increase mean time between failure duration 
  • Maintain quality of service 
  • Improve observability of platform health 
  • Reduce non-value time and toil 
Site Reliability Engineering Solutions - Key benefits
Key features

Site Reliability Engineering covers the whole reliability cycle for banks and financial institutions. For end-to-end SRE, our solution features:

  • Resiliency engineering in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) for end-to-end improvements in system reliability
  • Observability platforming with service level objectives (SLOs) for industry and open-source platforms
  • Extreme automation for identifying and eliminating toil in incident management
  • SRE enablement boot camp for custom training and skills improvement 
  • TotalSRE maturity framework for baselining and improving SRE
Why Virtusa?

Virtusa brings vital experience from executing large programs at scale and leveraging the newest and best technology adapted to financial firms. We’ve developed our SRE offering based on needs discovered during past implementations.

Our differentiators include:

Internal assets and accelerators to enable faster adoption

A proprietary framework – TotalSRE - to measure SRE maturity progress

A niche partnership ecosystem to leverage area-specific expertise

Intelligent Engineering Automation

Accelerate your time to market with smart automation


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