Empower your in-person and remote sales teams to be successful in the new normal

100% native Salesforce solution built for healthcare and life sciences sales teams

Healthcare and life sciences organizations, including medical device and drug manufacturers, deploy their sales teams to visit customers often at remote locations away from critical assets and organizational information. Sales reps often face challenges in transferring cloud-based data to and from their devices to the main CRM repository, hindering their efficiency.

Virtusa’s SalesInsights360 addresses the new normal of combining the in-person interactions with healthcare professionals with remote interaction and omnichannel capabilities even in offline mode. Our solution includes Salesforce community portals, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Einstein and Tableau analytics, and dashboards. It offers full support for Salesforce Cloud and integration with all Salesforce functionalities and is highly scalable for offline productivity.

Extended in person and remote sales capabilities
Extended in-person and remote sales capabilities

Provide a first-class sales experience even during and post COVID and maximize the chance of closing deals.

  • Video-enabled remote sales call execution in the Salesforce console
  • Detailing and remote detailing of forms such as Powerpoints, PDFs, and videos
  • Presentation scenarios - mandatory and optional slides
  • Tracking of slide stats - duration on every presentation, slide, sentiment
  • Can be integrated with SAP for order management
  • Digital signature capture
  • Set up within days with Managed Package
Real offline, highly scalable, and secure solution
Real offline, highly scalable, and secure solution

Access your Salesforce data and functionality from anywhere, even during those awkward moments when you don't have network connectivity at client sites.

  • Fully functional Salesforce offline mobile application
  • Intelligent sync engine with Conflict Manager
  • Offline rollups, formulas, and validation rules
  • On-demand online records fetching for offline use
  • Up to 2M records without performance degradation
  • Encryption and tokenization ready
  • Optimized to meet GDPR regulations

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