Quicken the time to revenue recognition with Salesforce CPQ implementation by Virtusa


Supercharge your sales cycle with CPQ strategies

Leverage the power of Salesforce CPQ with Virtusa to simplify and integrate your business processes. Automate product configuration, streamline complex pricing and quoting tasks, and leverage smart approvals with guided selling to accelerate sales cycles and drive revenue growth by eliminating manual errors. Seamlessly connect CPQ with your CRM, ERP, and billing systems to achieve end-to-end automation. Extend CPQ to partners through Salesforce Experience Cloud to enhance collaboration and drive sales growth. 

With our experience and expertise, we can tailor CPQ using tools, accelerators, and best practices to fit your unique business requirements and accelerate implementation. 

Key features
  • Sales strategy enhancement suite: Create customized product bundles that offer value-driven purchases and refine pricing strategies by leveraging Bundling, Dynamic Pricing, and Guided Selling.
  • Efficient approval and quotation suite: Accelerate decisions with automated workflows and efficiently handle, adjust, and share quotes using Smart Approvals and Advanced Quote Management.
  • Contract and growth catalyst: Ensure accurate contracts from approved quotes and seize upsell chances during renewals for contract and renewal excellence.
  • Unified CRM integration and mobile empowerment: Unify interactions within CRM for comprehensive insights and generate quotes anytime, anywhere for superior responsiveness with CRM Synergy and Mobile Agility.
Analytics modernization

Key benefits

Our Salesforce practice is armed with the right know-how, and a transparent
process architecture helps you experience:

33% improved business operational efficiencies

25% increased speed to implement revenue recognition

35% increased upselling and cross-selling

50% increased client satisfaction and higher chances of recommendation

15% increased efficiency

Reduced carbon footprint

Success story

A European telecommunications company increased its customer-facing sales time by 2x to shorten the sales cycle by up to 27% with 100% order accuracy

Manual business processes and legacy systems led to inaccurate deal pricing and poor customer experience. Manual business processes and legacy systems led to delayed, inaccurate deal pricing and poor customer experience.

Virtusa implemented Salesforce CPQ with complex product and pricing bundles, customer integrations, and a robust pricing engine that empowered sales reps and channel partners to generate accurate proposals with 100% order accuracy by leveraging automatic pricing and discounting rules. 

Large American medical equipment company experiences 30% increased opportunities and 90% decrease in quoting cycle with Salesforce CPQ

Manual sales, service order creation, and lack of coverage definitions led to multiple revisions in quote creation and approval for various products and services. By implementing Virtusa powered Salesforce CPQ, the client realized an 80% decrease in the time to react to the work orders while enhancing user experience and reducing market time.

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