Optimizing SAP Payments

Optimizing payment operations is a key factor for a business success. Drivers such as efficiency and optimization develop corporate behavior in the field of payments. Organizations need to overcome some operational challenges:

Optimizing SAP Payments

Virtusa's Payment Solutions comprise a set of applications and management disciplines to ensure straight-through-processing (STP) and full-governance of your payment transactions globally. With intelligent management of standard SAP tools and Virtusa's SAP developments we eliminate all major risk factors. We centralize and optimize payment operations with the application of SAP Bank Communication Management (BCM) and Virtusa's Payment Assets for system integration and bank connectivity.

Optimizing SAP Payments

How does it work?

Once all payment sources are identified, all the systems that produce payment files in the organization are fed into the central FI system where SAP BCM operates as the main payment monitor. We can apply some approval workflows and add real-time status monitoring. Distribution of digital signatures during payment approvals is also possible. Virtusa EBICS client is fully integrated into the release process of SAP BCM and enables automatic EBICS data transfer after the final BCM payment release. Account statements or status messages can be processed manually or via job-controlled direct pickup thus realizing STP in the payment cycle.

Solution components:

  • Virtusa File-based Interface
  • Virtusa EBICS Client
Optimizing SAP Payments
Optimizing SAP Payments


  • Integration of non-SAP or external systems or sub-ledgers with the Virtusa File-based Interface
  • Centralized payment cockpit with SAP BCM
  • Approval workflow
  • Real-time status tracking of all payments
  • No unauthorized access to payment files
  • Bank connectivity via Virtusa SWIFT & EBICS Client
  • Reducing system complexity
  • Straight-through-processing in payments

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