Reimagining Omni-Channel Communication Experience for Payers

Enhance member and provider satisfaction with improved omni-channel experience

According to a survey conducted by IntelliResponse, 58% of consumers would consider switching their health insurance if they had a poor online customer service experience. Consumers are increasingly looking for easier, faster, and personalized omni-channel interactions with their payers. Inconsistent service and inaccurate information often leave them disengaged and unhappy, and adversely impact the payer’s brand reputation. In the absence of right tools and technology, payers fail to meet evolving consumer expectations resulting in 30-45% attrition on an average.

Recurring issues, inefficient processes, and dependency on human intervention also lead to increased expenses for the payers. Payers need to address the twin priorities of member satisfaction and operational efficiency by reimagining their technology and redesigning their processes. Virtusa understands these challenges and proposes an approach, powered by reimagining the omni-channel communication experience, for a unified and enhanced experience across the channels.

Omni-Channel Communication Experience for Payers - Capabilities


Our solution optimizes payer-member/provider communication across channels to increase operational efficiency and enhance experience. By leveraging ML and NLP features, payers can automate data ingestion and control the flow of information efficiently in a human-like natural language. Some of the key solution features are:

  • Conversational AI: Optimizes customer conversations across channels
  • Cognitive communicator: Understands and communicates in a human-like language
  • Omni-Channel experience: Provides a transformational experience across channels
Omni-Channel Communication Experience for Payers  - Why Virtusa?

Why clients are choosing Virtusa?

We offer intuitive, configurable workflows, powered by AI/ML, that help payers improve responsiveness, enhance patient satisfaction, and achieve lower attrition.

  • Improved customer experience, engagement, satisfaction, and retention
  • Reduced rates of attrition with higher agent productivity and experience
  • Better responsiveness rate with lower AHT, improved FCR, and reduced AQT
  • Connect members and providers with right information

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