Next Generation Digital Banking Launchpad

Accelerate your ability to enable powerful, personalized customer experiences

Digital banking experiences are continuously evolving. For banks this means expanding their capabilities to re-orient experiences around their customers by better understanding customer journeys and the value each engagement phase brings. With the right system in place, banks can proactively engage their customers with both historical and real-time learnings, thus creating to a world-class, frictionless experience that delights customers and builds loyalty.

Next Generation Banking Launchpad

Through a rich platform of reusable components, templates, and integration services, Virtusa’s Next Generation Banking Launchpad helps banks create the right experiences at the right time to the right user and disperse to all channels simultaneously.

Traditional approaches to building a digital banking experience can take upwards of 9 months. Next Generation Banking Launchpad gets you up and running in just 4 to 6 months so that you can quickly engage your customers. We accomplish this with our methodology and proprietary re-usable assets that deliver omnichannel experiences, security integration, compliance, and digital marketing capabilities.

Our Banking Launchpad is a framework built on Adobe Experience Manager and leverages Adobe technologies such as DTM, Launch, Target, Audience Manager, and Campaign.



Next Generation Digital Banking Solutions
Next Generation Digital Banking Solutions Features
Key features
  • A typical launch takes 4 to 6 months, 40% quicker than traditional approaches
  • Embrace re-use throughout the process, from end-to-end support, application setup and configuration, all the way to launch
  • 80+ pre-defined plug-and-play components which accelerate deployment with minimal development effort
  • Quick content migration support to launch a newly branded site/ mobile app/digital channels
  • Increased visibility and customer conversion – A responsive design that supports seamless, multi-channel delivery
  • Improved customer experience
  • Responsive design to support seamless multi-channel delivery
  • Adobe Cloud Services Enablement

Integrations with the following platforms and more.

Our innovative framework

Call Center

Virtusa Bank Connect

Responsive Web Design
Analytics, DTM/Launch, target integration
Data & Business service integration
Reusable modules
  • Account summary
  • Transaction details
  • Self service tools
  • Profile management
  • Product applications
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Product recommendation
  • Inline offers
  • Personalized onboarding
Virtusa Banking Launchpad framework
Virtusa Launchpad framework
AAM / Adobe
Microsoft Dynamics 365
LinkedIn / Twitter /
Cloud Native
Bank data and business services/CRM
Easily enable a portfolio of digital services
  • Digital Customer Onboarding
    Bid goodbye to long paper forms, quick and easy onboarding process helps in saving customer’s valuable time
  • Digitization & Mobile Banking KYC
    Is your banking form only compatible with desktops? Make sure that all the screen sizes and devices are compatible with application forms to avoid any inconvenience to the customer
  • Digital Self Service
    Omnichannel Portals & mobile solutions for the customers and bank employees for their self-service enablement
  • Unified Employee Desktop App
    Leverage to build a unified desktop solution for the employee/ relationship manager/wealth manager and supporting apps including customer 360 view
  • Digital Marketing
    Display personalized real time offers and analytics to deliver tailored up-selling and cross-selling promotions
  • Authenticated Portal
    Build authenticated user portals and presents them with personalized experience, user data, and targeted offers
Digital Banking technology

Faster time to value

Cloud agility

Experience optimization

Omnichannel experiences

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