Modernize your Media Supply Chain solution

Simplify video processing workflows to deliver more content for less

More consumers in the U.S. now have a video streaming subscription instead of a traditional cable subscription, and each U.S. consumer has, on average, four streaming subscriptions. In the race to capture streaming subscriptions and satisfy a growing appetite for content, investment in original OTT content has grown. This, combined with a growing number of distribution end-points, has made it imperative for media businesses to modernize their content supply chain for scale and efficiency. While the problem is well understood, the right solution approach is not always evident.

On one hand, there are existing investments in third-party solutions that support specific supply chain functions, and switching those out involves a significant change burden. On the other hand, there is a growing number of media supply chain solutions emerging on the cloud. Also, there is a strong argument that the dynamic nature of typical video workloads lends itself well to elastic architectures on the cloud.

Virtusa, as a strategic business partner, has helped leading media houses identify priorities and build objective modernization plans to transform their supply chain.

Our strategic approach and proven expertise help clients unify disjointed digital workflows, streamline automation efforts, engineer cost-effective cloud architectures, and incorporate AI technology into their media supply chains for maximum efficiency.

With our solution, you will be able to achieve the following.

Streamline content intake

  • Standardize intake for internal and external sources and automate video ingestion steps

Improve metadata management

  • Use an as a service (AAS) approach to build aggregated metadata views and incorporate enrichment workflows in the right way

Optimize post-production

  • Unify post-production workflows and interconnect supply chains, and incorporate AI using a pragmatic approach

Distribute more efficiently

  • Use a plug-and-play framework to scale out video processing, metadata transformation, packaging, and delivery across current and future destinations

Our approach to solving this complex problem explores and incorporates six key dimensions

Finding the right home for media assets

Implementing cost-effective orchestration on the cloud

Using your current third-party solutions

Determining how far to go with metadata mastering

Incorporating AI in a way that works

Inserting automation into every stage of the supply chain

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