Leave the data center behind with high-velocity migration to the cloud

Move your workloads to the cloud for improved business agility, hyper-scalability and the path to boundless innovation

Organizations need the cloud to increase efficiency, business value, agility, competitiveness, and growth. More than 87% of businesses are looking to accelerate their cloud migration to help them serve as a foundation for their digital transformation journey and ongoing innovation. To stay competitive and be future-ready, enterprises need high-velocity migration to the cloud. 

Virtusa’s robust cloud migration and data center exiting capabilities enable high elasticity for cost alignment, offload cloud management, and infinite scalability. With Virtusa’s cloud migration strategy, clients achieve:

  • 25-50% improved time-to-market
  • 30%+ increased development and productivity
  • 99.99% reliability
  • 50% faster application delivery


AWS Managed Services - Key Features
Key features

Applying industry-specific best practices in a cloud-first world

  • BCM with Insight EA: It enables us to manage the most complex business and IT transformations
  • vPaaC & Terraform Studio: vPaaC is a library of blueprints to automate cloud infrastructure provisioning, while as Terraform Studio is a platform to define and configure cloud provisioning blueprints for collaborative work environments
  • Multi-cloud migration factory: Businesses achieve 40% quicker migration with our Cloud Migration Factory approach
Key benefits

Migrate workloads to the cloud with Virtusa

  • Cost assessment and business case preparation for DC Exit
  • Right-sizing and optimized utilization with architecture best practices
  • Managed infrastructure services on cloud
  • Global infrastructure with low latency network
  • Secured environment setup on industry/region compliance infrastructure
  • Continuous optimization auto-scaling and best-fit architecture

Success story

Virtusa helped a leading media company migrate 75% of its infrastructure and applications to the cloud


The client collaborated with Virtusa to reduce its cost of ownership by migrating 1000+ applications to the cloud. We ensured a unified deployment strategy by executing a successful migration to minimize the total cost of ownership through enterprise-wide solutions, reusable templates, repeatable processes.

Success story

Virtusa helped a leading healthcare company reduce costs by 40% by migrating apps and VMs to the cloud


Stuck with limited analytical capabilities, the client used ~600 applications spread over 7000 VMs resulting in high operating costs. Virtusa helped the client to move its entire complex eCommerce workload to Google Cloud.

We also built GKE containerized applications from legacy code, and containerized approximately 200 WebSphere applications.

Our collaboration reduced the total cost of ownership by 40% while increasing the scalability to handle 50,000+  B2B users and reduced downtime costs to $300K/min.

Success story

Leading healthcare company successfully conducts large scale migration of ~600 applications (7000VMs)


The client wanted to migrate 591 applications (7000VMs) from AWS and on-prem (two data centers) to Google Cloud. They wanted to leverage Google Cloud ML capabilities for their core business outcome and move highly transaction-intensive eComm workload.

Virtusa helped the client build a Google Cloud cloud foundation using Google Cloud stack, Google Kubernetes Engine, Istio (Service Mesh), Forseti (Security/Policy enforcement), and others. 591 applications (7,000 VMs) were lifted and shifted from 2 on-prem data centers to Google Cloud using Velostrata. Google Cloud Deployment Manager was used for automating DevOps. 

With the help of Virtusa’s robust cloud migration solution, the client exited one of the data centers, thereby reducing the operation cost and business downtime while saving multimillion dollars for lost opportunities on eComm transactions. They increased developer productivity and time to market while containerizing approximately 200 apps. 

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