Virtusa's Identity and Access Management

Employee awareness plays a big role in countering data breaches originating from stolen or weak user credentials. Strengthening the internal defence mechanism is only one piece of the security puzzle. The need of the hour is proactive management of security vulnerabilities that are being rampantly exploited by cyber criminals. While countering these potential threats, organizations walk a tightrope.

They are not only bound to provide the right access to the right people but are also obligated to comply with stringent data security regulations. To add to the woes, they operate in a multi-vendor environment where multiple solutions are at play, further complicating control requirements.

We understand the challenges involved in managing data security in such a conflicting environment. Our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution helps organizations efficiently balance the objectives of access, security, and compliance.

The solution is packed with identity governance and access management features that enterprises need to strengthen security and simplify compliance:

  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Password Management
  • User Lifecycle Management
  • Access Request Management
  • Access Certification
  • Dashboard and Analytics
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Universal Directory
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