Experience-led engineering delivers products that are primed for adoption

Creating great experiences for customers, employees, or any user takes a team of multi-disciplinary experts. With budget constraints and must-hit deadlines, the need to produce often takes precedent over the end-user experience.  

Our clients, including healthcare and life sciences organizations, often enlist agencies to design products having little or no interaction with the delivery team. Then, after design delivery, they consider the project complete, leaving your delivery team to sort out the details and address any issues.

Using experience-led engineering Virtusa removes the barriers that constrain agencies by bringing together objective-based design, innovation, and deep technical expertise. Our Design KickStart approach, one of our User Experience and Design offerings, is used to quickly explore human-centered solutions to your complex problems and to increase the adoption of your programs. Virtusa's Engineering for Adoption approach builds on the design solution ensuring robust security, data integrity, and privacy are integrated into customer outreach programs.

Our human-centered approach

What is experience-led engineering?

Experience-led engineering combines our passion for designing useful, usable, and desirable experiences with rigorous engineering discipline.

  • Useful apps contain the proper functionality necessary for users to achieve their goals.

  • Usable apps have a short learning curve and are appropriately easy to use.

  • Desirable apps contain carefully crafted experiences that elevate them above the norm.

Experience-led engineering is based on human-centered design and design thinking principles.

What is experience-led engineering?
Experience-led Engineering Solutions
Human-centered design (HCD) keeps our clients' end-users at the core of every challenge we solve.

Combined with design thinking, HCD begins with identifying the unmet needs of the end-user. We begin with observation, where we immerse ourselves in the end-users lives, establishing empathy and learning about their situations and environments while being open to new and creative possibilities. We take inspiration from the physical as well as digital worlds to find solutions that work and bring value to our clients and their end-users.

Experience-led Engineering Solutions
Design thinking is a process that revolves around building deep empathy for the people we’re designing the product or services.

We build on this empathy through divergent explorations, designing prototypes to visualize solutions and to test our ideas with our end-users. Often the process is iterative as we uncover additional insights and iterate to improve the solution.


Design KickStart is our proven method
for experience-led engineering.


Each Design KickStart project begins with establishing empathy for the end-user and defining the right problem to solve for the right reasons. Our design team then ideates by creating divergent solutions with limited constraints to promote innovation and creativity. Working with our clients, we decide on the most viable options, create prototypes, and test with end-users to validate our assumptions.



Key benefits

Quickly define the right problem to solve, innovate, and test a solution. 

Design KickStart is different from other design processes because we only spend a few days or weeks seeing if an idea makes sense instead of spending months only to discover that it was better not to proceed.

Why a Design KickStart?

  • Maximize the odds of building something people want
  • Visualize ideas before investing time and money to build them
  • Align a diverse team around new ideas
  • Understand the technical and operational complexity
  • Clarify the business value

What do our clients get?

Using our Design KickStart, our clients receive a:

  • Persona exploration and journey definition
  • Divergent and conceptual design exploration(s)
  • Interactive prototype to be tested with users
  • Technical/operational assessment

With a dedicated Virtusa design team in place, we deliver human-tested and client-approved design solutions that validate business objectives with an eye towards user adoption. Our Design KickStart offering is just one piece in Virtusa's Digital Transformation Studio and how our teams Engineer for Adoption.

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