From design thinking to design doing: assuring that emerging tech creates value

The Virtusa xLabs team is a unique blend of engineers, technologists, and professional designers. We find that this balance helps our clients to spot hot new tech that is viable and creates value for their business.

Today, design thinking seems ubiquitous across the tech industry. For many firms, it offered a way to differentiate a commodity offering until design thinking itself became table stakes.

At xLabs, we know that design thinking is a key tool that we can use to help our clients address the initial period of ambiguity that accompanies the launch of each new technology.

What can the tech do? Will it create a USP? How can we apply the technology in left-field ways to disrupt norms?

Our design teams apply a rigorous design thinking methodology whenever clients are trying to evaluate the potential of an emerging technology. Our portfolio of tools and techniques has helped companies to make sense of abstract tech and ultimately to define solutions that are

Design-led Innovation

Design Thinking Solutions

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Find out how Virtusa xLabs can help you derive value from emerging technology.

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