Cognitive Pharmacovigilance (PV) Intake

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It takes a human an average of 15 minutes to process an inbound case safety report (ICSR). If an ICSR becomes an adverse event (AE), average processing increases to several hours. What if you could utilize advanced robotics, digital process automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce that time by 70 percent to 80 percent?

Based on Pega's process and decision-based technology, our cognitive pharmacovigilance intake solution leverages OCR, NLP, and AI to create a reusable adverse event case processing and product compliant environment. This ground-breaking solution supports intake from devices, sensors, social media, and other intelligence channels, which alleviates reliance on voluntary patient and provider reporting. Standardized processes and analytics increase visibility into performance, improve operational efficiencies, avoid fines and increase the therapeutic value of your drug and device products

Key Solution Features

  • Dynamic intake using natural language processing (NLP), optical character recognition (OCR), language translation, and sentiment analyst
  • Omni-channel experience with email, fax, E2B, web flex forms, and social media
  • Automated case triage and identification of serious adverse events (SAEs)
  • Auto-generated acknowledgment emails to senders and bi-directional communication
  • Flexible regional and internal/external storage, access, and privacy model
  • Document exchange with case processing system

Key Benefits

  • Increase productivity and lower costs of overall PV operations by 50-80
  • Speed time to market resulting in lower operational costs and increases margins
  • Lowering per case processing costs by reducing paperwork, manual intervention and duplicative efforts
  • Detect adverse events earlier to promote safer use of drugs and devices through automated risk and regulatory reporting
Virtusa's Cognitive PV intake solution

With advances in optical character recognition, natural language processing and AI along with the ever-expanding data sources, Virtusa' s cognitive PV intake solution provides the edge companies need in Pharmacovigilance market.

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