Cloud Game Testing

Cloud gaming poses a unique set of challenges. Cloud gaming demands consistent, high-speed, and ultra-low latency connections to ensure smooth running of fast paced, multiplayer games with quick, precise reactions. High latency connections are a major cause of concern for cloud gaming as they end up ruining the gaming experience. Moreover, inconsistent latency often leads to jitter, which in turn, distorts audio, chat, and display. The result is a choppy gameplay which leaves the gamer disappointed.

Also, lost data packets create a void in the game and shuffle the order in which the packets arrive leading to an unintelligible game and a poor gaming experience. Single player games can be played easily at low resolution and lesser speed whereas multi-player games perform most optimally when played at high resolution and greater speed. Catering to the needs of a wide spectrum of cloud games is a challenge.

With the changing definition of gaming and an increasing user base, it’s more important than ever before to moderate content and protect data privacy at scale.

Our offerings

Performance testing

We conduct rigorous performance tests to ensure an immersive and engaging gaming experience for the users. Our certified experts ensure a smooth game play, flawless graphics, and optimal connections/integrations across devices. We help gaming companies determine if their backend is equipped enough to handle an upsurge in users and significant load, particularly for the MMO (Massively Multi-Player Online) games. 

Load testing

We perform load testing for a comprehensive understanding of the game’s infrastructure behaviour. By exposing the game to a certain load, we figure out the potential bottlenecks and areas of improvement for the cloud infrastructure. Load testing covers a wide gamut of functions right from server loading to the infrastructure needs.

Stress testing

During stress testing, we dynamically increase the load on a game by pushing up the number of users, input, or data to check if the infrastructure is robust enough to handle such spikes. We conduct stress testing periodically to identify the scope of improvement in the gaming infrastructure.

Security testing

We conduct security tests to prevent DDoS attacks on cloud gaming platforms. Platforms that run on TCP and UDP communication protocols require huge investment to secure against DDoS attacks. 

Usability testing

Our comprehensive usability testing approach tests user interfaces, graphic assets, and OpenGL ES content to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted gaming experience.

Why Virtusa?
  • Deep engineering experience

  • Extensive knowledge of platform reengineering

  • Backed up by capability centers with a sharp focus on next-gen, advanced technologies like cloud computing

  • In-depth understanding of the nuances of latency and network related issues owing to our telco background
Cloud Game Testing - Key Features

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