CareDiscovery Quality Measures (CDQM)

The best-in-class core quality measures (CQM) reporting solution for healthcare providers

CareDiscovery Quality Measures (CDQM) is a reliable core measures reporting solution that offers concurrent insights, custom exports, and actionable information. Our solution facilitates efficient and reliable reporting, helping to ensure performance-based reimbursement and protect the market share of healthcare providers.

This solution supports the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) compliance and The Joint Commission (TJC) core measure reporting requirements and gives a timely snapshot of performance of the hospitals on individual measures, down to the patient and physician level. It provides accurate, on-time, and comprehensive records making it the tool of choice for regulatory reporting.

Trusted by hundreds of hospitals across the United States, CDQM is designed to streamline and simplify the complex process of clinical quality measure abstraction thus helping hospitals achieve compliance with quality reporting programs. It offers a range of features that can help streamline the reporting process, including direct editing of administrative fields, detailed error reports, near-time reporting, comprehensive benchmarks, and episode-level error reporting.

Unifying data for quality care

CDQM combines patient data from different sources, such as patient billing systems and Electronic Health Records (EHR), to define data elements needed to abstract clinical quality measures. By defining the data elements necessary for quality measure abstraction, CDQM ensures that all relevant information is readily available and easily accessible.

Real-time analysis for improved outcomes

Using the optional module – Concurrent Abstraction, CDQM enables hospitals to analyze health cases in real-time while patients are still in-house and care is being delivered, giving healthcare providers the opportunity to enhance quality and improve patient outcomes.

Ensuring compliance

With CDQM, hospitals can confidently meet the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and The Joint Commission (TJC) compliance requirements. Our solution supports CMS compliance and core measure reporting requirements, delivering accurate, timely, and comprehensive records.

Protecting your market share

In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, maintaining compliance is not just about meeting regulatory requirements but protecting the market share. With CDQM, you can rest assured that your hospital is always compliant, safeguarding your reputation and bottom line.

Join us on the journey towards better healthcare. Discover how CareDiscovery Quality Measures can transform your regulatory reporting process today.

Key benefits and features

Key benefits

Unlock a comprehensive solution to proactively address quality-of-care issues, optimize data collection, streamline workflow, and ensure performance-based reimbursement

  • Pinpoint and address quality-of-care issues and data-collection problems before data are submitted
  • Streamline workflow by allowing customized abstraction worklists
  • Enable performance-based reimbursement while maintaining market share
  • Move quality forward with continuous access to results and benchmarking data
  • Integrate with leading pay-for-performance and quality programs

Key features

  • Best-in-class regulatory reporting solution 
  • On-time and accurate submissions to TJC and CMS 
  • Patient- and physician-level snapshot of performance on individual measures 
  • Concurrent reporting - abstract and manage core measures while the patient is hospitalized
  • Near-time uploads for frequent data postings 
  • Business rules driven solution that saves time
  • Experienced product teams (Implementation, Customer support, operations, engineering teams)


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