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With the data being heralded as new oil or gold and with the advent of innovations such as in-memory, improved access, mobility and predictive analytics, enterprise analytics landscape is undergoing a revolution.

Organizations across industries are finding it difficult to keep pace with the dynamically changing business environment using traditional planning, budgeting, and financial closing practices. Results are often inaccurate and outdated.

Organizations have unprecedented quantities of data accumulated with daily interactions from their customers, business stakeholders and operations and they want easy, fast, intuitive access to it in real time.

They want their data to be at their fingertips with insights delivered whenever they want -  wherever they are – however they want.

Increasing numbers of farsighted organizations are investing in the tools, capabilities and skills needed to improve data quality and enable access to complete, consistent, timely and trusted information across the data lifecycle—from generation to archiving.

Business users across such data-driven enterprises want self-service business intelligence & analytical capabilities with visual data discovery solutions that empower them to independently and quickly explore, create and analyze content to produce and share meaningful analytics insights from both structured and unstructured data.

Virtusa’s with its functional and industry expertise coupled with SAP tools delivers SAP data management & analytics solutions that drive competitive advantage, reduce costs and increase revenue. enabling companies make decisions based on real-time financial insights.

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