Operational Process Design

Proven framework to significantly reduce manual work across operations

Traditional process improvement approaches for business process reengineering can be troublesome for many reasons: knowledge gaps and information silos between subject matter experts, varying process complexities, underestimation of exceptions, and inaccuracies in identifying relevant process metrics, often lead to broken or incomplete, and hence unsuccessful transformation projects.

Virtusa’s operational process design methodology helps overcome the challenges in conventional methods, enabling holistic and accurate process transformation. Our approach is based on lean, six sigma principles, and is packaged in our proprietary accelerated solution design (ASD) methodology to deliver quality analysis in 6-12 weeks.

Sparking innovation, faster

Analyze: Assess each key process within functions to determine the sources of manual work

Measure: Build a time-bound roadmap to eliminate as much of that manual work in the shortest possible time while maintaining or improving controls.

Improve: Using the process improvement framework, we determine ‘what would it take to eliminate the source of that manual work.’

Prioritize: Continue iterating and track progress against the ultimate objective and the time-bound roadmap.

Finally, we produce detailed analysis and recommendations for each of the process areas along with a business case and roadmap with an emphasis on quick wins to accelerate ROI

With Virtusa’s process improvement framework, clients can support scalability with ease while enabling accurate decision-making

Leading brands have leveraged Virtusa’s process improvement framework:


  • A global bank redefined its target operating model for corporate banking core operations and improved overall efficiency

  • A financial services company achieved business objectives of reduced operational cost and improved consistency of global processing

  • An investment bank required to process and system improvement for capital markets back-office operations division. We helped identify a three year expected net savings of $6.8m, and a three year ROI of 172%

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