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Sustainability is a collective effort connected by multiple ecosystems. What is needed is a change in the mindset, a shift in how we address business challenges and adopt digital transformation. In any industry, non-financial concerns, including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) services, impact the company’s financial well-being. Results show that ESG sensibility can positively affect a company’s longevity, as ESG data can paint a holistic view of impact and the value delivered by businesses.

More organizations are seeing the relationship between ESG initiatives and their bottom line.

KPMG reports that 71% of CEOs feel it is their responsibility to ensure that their company’s ESG policies reflect customers’ values. Society, governments, and regulators are putting increased pressure on companies, whose good reputation can depend on their adherence to ESG commitments. 

Embracing ESG initiatives does not come without challenges:

  • Even when applied across an organization, ESG policies are often still siloed within risk and sustainability departments.
  • Varied solutions and use cases lead to increased complexity.
  • Greater awareness (among customers, investors, and employees) can elicit more complaints. 
  • Cross-regionally, regulations are emerging and changing.
  • Automating ESG solutions is not simple. 


Sustainability Consulting Services
Sustainability Consulting Services
Embark on your sustainability journey with Virtusa.

Why do clients choose Virtusa? You’ll benefit from our own ESG culture, which is deeply ingrained in our mission and practices. We’ll help you strategize a clear end-state solution and provide multiple services that cater to your clients’ ESG concerns.

Virtusa has garnered winning partnerships within ESG, cloud, and data domains. We draw from our deep expertise in digital engineering, data, analytics, and regulatory reporting.



Rule engine and qualification of ESG

Integrating ESG with downstream decisions and analytics platforms


Extending ESG research to customers

Measuring and monitoring enterprise ESG goals and targets

Data and content sourcing for ESG

Success stories

We help clients envision, design, and implement strategies for digital, business, and IT transformation.

Helping a global retailer monitor the sustainability performance of their entire supply chain

Virtusa built a platform that tracked self-reported and audited information regarding companies’ sustainability practices. These included water usage, unsustainable/unhealthy working conditions, and other measures. Virtusa developed 15 new microservices to support three applications in a client’s sustainability domain. We also registered these microservices in the API catalog and built monitoring and performance dashboards.

Building a sustainable investment platform for a large European bank

Virtusa conceptualized and delivered a new investment platform for a large European banking system, helping the client transform into a global leader in sustainable investment. Our flexible reporting capabilities, combined with a self-service extraction tool, actualized better reporting for internal, regulatory, and customized client needs.  With Virtusa’s assistance, the client began to track interactions, sustainable investments, and active ownership progress. The client has already realized a 58% reduction in manual process steps and a per-year reduction of 300+ hours in analyst effort.


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