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Businesses adopt digital transformations to achieve exceptional customer experience through cutting-edge technologies. A well-crafted transformation strategy can be a game-changer in achieving short-term goals faster while paving a future-proof path for the long-term vision. Businesses strive to enhance customer experiences, leverage cutting-edge technologies, and achieve both short-term objectives and long-term visions. For a business to grow, you don't just need ideas; you need solutions. This is where Virtusa can help you bridge the gap.

Key challenges faced by organizations:

Embarking on a digital transformation journey entails navigating through various obstacles and complexities, and according to McKinsey, approximately 70% of transformations fail due to strategic gaps. Here are some of the other key challenges organizations face:

  • Identifying the starting point: Determining where to begin the transformation process can be daunting. Organizations risk drifting aimlessly or investing resources in the wrong areas without a clear starting point.
  • Crafting a coherent roadmap: Developing a roadmap that aligns with both short-term objectives and long-term vision requires careful planning and strategic foresight. Without a well-defined roadmap, initiatives may lack direction and fail to deliver meaningful results.
  • Selecting appropriate technologies: The digital landscape is vast, with a myriad of technologies available. Choosing the right technologies that meet current needs and support future scalability is crucial. Making incorrect technology choices can lead to inefficiencies and hinder progress.
  • Alignment with future objectives: Ensuring that transformation initiatives align with the organization's objectives is paramount. Without alignment, transformations may result in disjointed efforts, leading to missed growth opportunities and wasted resources.

Navigating through these challenges requires a comprehensive approach and strategic guidance. Organizations must address these obstacles head-on to realize the full potential of their digital transformation endeavors. How do you ensure your initiatives are successful and return high value with these challenges hovering over you?

Why Virtusa?

Virtusa knows that mere suggestions don't solve real problems.

Getting results requires a consultant who works with you throughout the journey, obsessing over every aspect of your business from every angle. That's consulting with an engineer's mindset and what Virtusa calls an Engineering First approach.

We bridge the gap between disruptive technology and business outcomes because we understand that the best consultants think like engineers. We know how to harness real-world data, which can turn an idea into an edge. Partnering with Virtusa means integrating innovation seamlessly into your business strategy, ensuring that every step taken is a step toward success.

Transformation Strategy Services
Virtusa Business Consulting and Transformation Strategy Services

So, how does Virtusa help you turn the tide? By partnering with Virtusa, you gain access to our comprehensive Business Consulting and Transformation Strategy Services, which help you define business value, implement it at speed, and embrace change. Our Engineering First philosophy starts with Consulting First. Our Consulting Methodology and Transformation Strategy approach focuses on a holistic perspective during design and planning, keeping implementation and deployment at the forefront, thanks to our Engineering First mindset. Virtusa Consulting Methodology (VCM) is a proven approach, driven for and with stakeholders, following an iterative approach in key areas:


Our strategy and transformation journey begins with problem definition. In the Define phase, we work with your teams to identify and break down challenges, set targets for addressing them, analyze their root causes, engage and interview a broader stakeholder set, and define a business vision.


Future state design envisions solutions to meet business goals, solve challenges, and create the future. In the Design phase, we develop the complete business architecture, brainstorm and evaluate solutions, iterate on future-state business architecture, intents, technical solution architecture, and integrations, and build a roadmap to get there.


Current state analysis enables us to capture and understand the current landscape, confirm findings and metrics, synthesize our findings and prioritize intents, and build a high-level business architecture. This step ensures that our solutions are tailored to your specific needs.


Recommendations and plans pave the way for implementation. In the Recommend phase, we prioritize solutions, review and agree on intents and business architecture, refine and elaborate the roadmap, set the MVP/ Phase 1 plan, review and agree on technical solution architecture and integrations, and finalize deliverable documentation. Our focus remains on delivering tangible results aligned with your business goals.

These phases can be sized and tailored to your organization's and program's unique needs, ranging from shorter "Quick Start" approaches to fully detailed and comprehensive initiatives. We work with you to address a variety of business needs, including:

  • Defining business vision and strategic roadmap
  • Creating a business case
  • Building a target operating model
  • Transforming user experience
  • Optimizing your processes
  • Planning and executing Organizational Change Management
  • Building new technical solutions
  • Transforming and modernizing existing solutions
  • Application portfolio rationalization
  • Assisting in making solution choices and approach selections

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