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In the contemporary global landscape, sustainability has become a cornerstone for both nations and businesses, underscored by compelling data. One hundred and ninety-three countries have adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), making them a universal agenda. There’s a paradigm shift underway in the corporate world, with a surge in businesses aligning their strategies with the SDGs. The shift is evident in the significant increase in sustainability reporting.

In the evolving landscape of business strategy, sustainability has transitioned from a peripheral consideration to a central focus. Organizations are actively incorporating it into their business strategies, no longer questioning its importance. Virtusa is well-equipped to guide them through this transformation with our tailored approach, assisting companies at various maturity levels in aligning with ESG and net-zero targets. We bridge the gap between disruptive technology and business outcomes to connect multiple ecosystems to enhance your sustainability initiatives, ensuring they drive innovation and efficiency, not just compliance.

Key challenges faced by organizations

Navigating the sustainability landscape presents organizations with a myriad of challenges, encompassing regulatory complexities and the imperative for robust data and transparency.

In the pursuit of sustainable practices, organizations can proactively address the following challenges:

  • Lack of knowledge and understanding of changing regulations: Incomplete understanding of evolving sustainability regulations, hindering compliance efforts
  • Lack of awareness of products and strategies: Limited awareness regarding sustainable products and strategies, impeding effective implementation
  • Lack of robust data, consistency, and quality: Insufficiently robust, consistent, and high-quality sustainability data hampering informed decision-making.
  • Lack of transparency and traceability leading to greenwashing: Lack of transparency and traceability exposes organizations to the risk of inadvertently promoting misleading green credentials
  • Complexity in reporting, inconsistent ratings, and lack of standardization: Dealing with the intricacies of reporting, inconsistent ratings, and a lack of standardization, posing hurdles in demonstrating sustainable practices accurately
  • Lack of digitization and analytic tools for ESG reporting and tracking: Inadequate digitization and analytic tools for comprehensive ESG reporting and tracking, limiting the efficiency of monitoring and improvement initiatives

It is crucial for organizations to overcome these obstacles, authentically embrace sustainability, and contribute meaningfully to a more environmentally conscious future.

Sustainability Consulting Services
Sustainability Consulting Services
Embark on your sustainability journey with Virtusa.

We empower clients to revolutionize their enterprises on a grand scale by collaborating with our strategic partners to generate business value and endure sustainable impact for all stakeholders.

Our Engineering First approach, domain, and consulting expertise define Virtusa and our teams’ capabilities. Our sustainability team has decades of collective experience that further empowers us to merge logic, industry drivers, and regulatory demands to create innovative end-to-end solutions in the sustainability space. Virtusa has proven engineering expertise and understands sustainability interventions, enabling seamless integration of consulting, technology, and services to drive business success.

Virtusa sustainability offerings

At Virtusa, we shaped our offerings around four pivotal sustainability themes, recognizing their imperative role in shaping responsible business practices.

Offering 1: Sustainability reporting and compliance
Offering 2: Decarbonization and net zero
Offering 3: Climate and nature risk
Offering 4: Green products and services
Integration across four lenses

Our holistic sustainability approach transcends organizational boundaries, combining strategy and integration, business process and automation, organization and workforce, and technology. By consulting with an engineering mindset, we harmonize people, technology, products, and strategy to provide comprehensive solutions that address transparency on ESG activities and ensure compliance with evolving regulations.

Business outcomes

Operational transparency

Achieve enhanced operational transparency through rigorous data collection and analysis.

ESG data analytics

Attain a comprehensive 360-degree view of ESG data for enhanced monitoring and tracking capabilities.

Informed decision-making

Empower strategic decision-making based on reliable data and analysis.

Competitive advantage

Gain a competitive edge by positioning the business as a leader in sustainability through leadership and innovative practices.

Positive brand image

Elevate the brand's image with comprehensive sustainability insights and adherence to compliance standards.


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