Organizational change management

Digital acceleration is critical for organizations and industries to keep up with the continuous digital evolution. However, many enterprises face challenges in embracing digital transformation, which limits them from having a competitive edge. An issue organizations face during digital transformation is the need for IT organizational change. Large-scale transformation programs often make specific roles, systems, and departments redundant or obsolete. Furthermore, adopting new products or technologies at an enterprise level is challenging.

Virtusa’s Organizational Change Management (OCM) model is designed to mitigate risks associated with large-scale changes. Our unique model is implemented through a three-stage approach:

  • Planning: Prepare for the future
    The future state is defined by identifying risks, determining value propositions, and developing a change management strategy with an OCM plan and sponsorship model.
  • Execution: Act and implement plans
    The change network is identified, prepared, and implemented through a well-defined communication plan, and its effectiveness is continuously tracked and monitored.
  • Reinforce: cross-cultural collaborations to achieve successful results
    We assess metrics, diagnose gaps, manage resistance, reduce misinformation, and report adoption metrics to ensure effective change reinforcement.  
We are a change catalyst for our customers, who rely on our exceptional ability to implement OCM successfully.
  • We harness the power of our customized solutions and prefabricated assets to maximize the potential of our DevOps and Agile competency.

  • We enable seamless transformations for clients across industries with our IP assets that comprise numerous tailor-made assets and accelerators to suit their unique requirements.
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