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Revolutionizing businesses with a game-changing strategy

Businesses adopt digital transformations to achieve exceptional customer experience through cutting-edge technologies. A well-crafted transformation strategy can be a game-changer in achieving short-term goals faster while paving a future-proof path for the long-term vision.

Identifying a starting point, developing a roadmap, and evaluating appropriate technologies can be challenging. Furthermore, different initiatives not aligned with the organization’s future objectives can lead to disjointed transformations. According to McKinsey, approximately 70% of transformations fail due to strategic gaps.

Virtusa’s expertise in developing a well-defined transformation strategy enables organizations to address their unique business requirements and delivers value faster.

Virtusa’s transformation approach relies on our mature OPTIMA consulting paradigm.

Organization, Process, and Technology Improvement Methodology Accelerated (OPTIMA).

Leveraging OPTIMA methodology, we enable:

  • Swift hypothesis creation and validation
  • Clear problem statement development
  • Right product/technology platform selection
  • Sustainable business value delivery

Our methodology incorporates digital-in and digital-out. Digital-in encapsulates the core system transformations and supporting architecture. Digital-out captures transformations of touchpoints that enhance customer experience.

Virtusa’s frameworks empower businesses to set a strategic IT vision, prioritize initiatives and budgets, and create robust roadmaps encompassing short and long-term objectives. Our frameworks are designed to gather insights into customer experience and identify ways to improve usability with design thinking concepts to build creative design solutions. Virtusa evaluates various technology options, selects a solution, and builds a selection consensus to drive successful implementations.

Business Transformation Consulting Services

Business capability modeling

The solution addresses the business design gap. It elevates an organization's ability to quickly understand the implications of business capabilities strategy and the impact on technology architecture components.

Application portfolio rationalization

An outcome-based approach, application portfolio rationalization promises clients upfront value repatriation and cost savings. We leverage our expertise in capital markets and our pedigree in technology asset engineering. The focus is on transforming the application portfolio and infrastructure while simplifying, optimizing, and automating operations.

Business case creation

Crafting a roadmap for success, the solution – business case creation fuels innovation and growth with strategic precision. It empowers enterprises to thrive with clarity and conviction by unlocking opportunities.

Products and vendor selection

Unveiling excellence through strategic alignment and impact assessment for product and vendor selection, the gateway to an exceptional partnership.

Architecture and roadmap

Strategic vision meets cutting-edge solutions, mapping the journey towards digital supremacy describes architecture and roadmap. It is the navigator of tech-driven success.


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