Data strategy and governance

Optimize your data governance, lineage, and monetization strategy with Virtusa's data strategy expertise

Organizations across industries are increasingly modernizing their data platforms to maximize the value of data, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and drive innovation. However, merger and acquisitions have resulted in diverse systems, making it challenging to establish data lineage and identify a single source of truth. The tremendous growth in data generation has made it difficult for organizations to manage data, implement data governance, democratize data, and derive impactful insights. Organizations must ensure regulatory compliance related to data privacy while addressing these challenges.

  • Diverse systems resulting from merger and acquisitions make it challenging to establish data lineage and identify a single source of truth.
  • Difficulty managing data, democratizing it, implementing data governance, and deriving impactful insights due to the tremendous growth in data generation.
  • Need for organizations to ensure regulatory compliance related to data privacy while addressing data-related challenges.
Virtusa's data modernization framework can help build a roadmap to drive efficiencies, develop new capabilities, and build resilience.
With deep expertise across market units and leading technologies across all facets of data, analytics, and insights, Virtusa tailors its approach to achieve the organization's desired outcomes. The following approach is used:
  • Data strategy definition: creating an architecture reference to address current and future needs, developing an executable roadmap with clear milestones, and instituting governance structures. These help deliver reliable data to the business.
  • Data platform modernization on the cloud: creating scalable and extensible data warehouses and data lakes, democratizing data to embed insights into business processes, and monetizing information resources for superior business outcomes.
  • Data governance: enabling consistent and accurate metrics generation across functions, improving transparency through data lineage and catalog, and delivering reliable data to the business.
  • Data consumption: enabling applications to consume data-driven insights into Business processes, leveraging cloud-native services for data engineering, data wrangling, ML model training and deployment at scale, utilizing AI services for faster insights generation, building controls and explainability in AI/ML, and removing bias.
Data strategy and governance
Why Virtusa?

Virtusa can build a data modernization roadmap to maximize the value of data and derive the insights that matter to drive business value. The data modernization framework effectively manages data, democratizes it, implements data governance, and derives impactful insights while ensuring regulatory compliance related to data privacy.

The benefits of Virtusa’s data modernization solutions include:

  • More effective data storage and governance
  • Improved accuracy and efficacy of data insights for data monetization

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