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Organizations are continuously embracing transformative innovation by harnessing the potential of data. They are adopting self-service data visualization tools to accelerate insights generation and automate data processes by leveraging machine learning (ML) through augmented analytics. The emergence of cloud-based data visualization and insights platforms provides greater scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency. The businesses streamline decision-making through embedded analytics while emphasizing data privacy and security.

However, the data-driven transformation comes with numerous challenges, including data quality, integration, security, technical infrastructure needs, and the need to nurture a data-literate workforce. Balancing costs and allocating resources properly is crucial for organizations to ensure a valuable return on investment and succeed in their data-driven endeavors.

Virtusa’s solution for data insights offers comprehensive services to support effective data management. As emerging technologies advance, our solution adapts and evolves to meet business requirements.

Our proven accelerators streamline end to end model orchestration for comprehensive data insights

Virtusa specializes in domain-centric technology platforms that serve as enablers and reference implementations across industries like banking, healthcare, telco, media, and hi-tech

  • With fifty of our data visualization projects, we've achieved 30% higher cost savings for Fortune 500 clients.
  • Our robust partner ecosystem includes collaboration with Tableau-Salesforce, Power BI- Microsoft, QuickSight-AWS, and Looker-Google. We also have academic partnerships with Ivy League institutions for research collaboration and talent development.
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Virtusa brings together high-performing, highly collaborative teams that work across disciplines to explore strategies, tinker with technology and create beautifully useful designs. All to create the kind of innovation that truly impacts business.

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