Outsmart trade based money laundering attempts with contextual data

Published: July 20, 2020
Trade Based Money Laundering - Outsmart Money Laundering Attempts with Contextual Data

In today’s digital world, criminals are leveraging multiple banking channels including traditional retail, commercial and institutional banking to hide their illicit activities.

Watch this roundtable discussion, on demand, as Virtusa and Quantexa along with other Middle East banking experts discuss how to ‘Outsmart trade based money laundering attempts with contextual data’.

The panel discussion features some of our key clients and will focus on major security challenges in trade and ways to enhance Anti Money Laundering systems, including:

  1. How to leverage and secure your existing data
  2. How to gain complete understanding of each customer and counterparty
  3. What are the methods for identifying true risk and uncover hidden criminal activities
  4. How to effectively and efficiently prevent TBML
  5. Our learnings from real-world examples and critical success factors

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