Solving the contact center CX conundrum with Amazon Connect

Published: March 4, 2018

Haven't we all experienced at least one harrowing contact center interaction? With so much talk about a digital world, don't we wish contact centers became smarter and made the experience not so bitter? Well, some companies are hearing us for sure. As part of their business transformation strategy, companies are now focusing on enhancing customer experience (CX) with a digital-first approach.

Digital technologies have raised the stakes in the customer experience game. Customers have lapped up the many communication channels such as social media, self-service kiosks, and intelligent IVR systems. With so many channels on offer, monitoring customer's preferences to deliver omni-channel service can be daunting. To overcome this, companies leverage digital solutions to transform traditional contact centers, empowering their agents with a 3600 view of customers and helping them deliver superior customer experience.

Challenges with traditional contact centers

Traditional contact centers draw flak for their complex and confusing menu options, and frustrating wait times. They are a white elephant for the company too -costly maintenance and upgrade, lack of scalability and security, unreliable with current volumes, and difficult to integrate with other platforms. Even agents find operating these systems cumbersome, which in turn affects their productivity.

Upping the game with Next-gen contact centers

Digitizing many of the contact center operations helps deliver superior and personalized customer experience at optimal costs. It also brings the ability to leverage customer information pulled from other data sources, resulting in focused, high value communication, and an increase in cross-sell opportunities. Other key benefits include improved and efficient call handling, reduced agent on-boarding time, higher agent productivity, and interactive call flows using predictive and actionable customer insights. In short, the next-gen contact centers leverages technology advancements and knowledge management to deliver omni-channel engagement.

Powered by Amazon Connect and Amazon Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services

Contact centers powered by Amazon Connect overcome challenges of traditional contact centers and offer dynamic, natural, and personalized interaction, achieving the goal of high quality customer experience at optimal costs. Furthermore, with digital technologies such as real-time streaming and advanced analytics, contact centers can enhance customer engagement and increase business revenues.

Amazon Connect is a cloud-based contact center platform that can scale to support business of any size. It does not require deep technical skills to design contact flows or telephony provisioning. The setup is simple and easy. It has all the features of advanced call centers such as skill-based routing, call recording, real-time metrics, and historical analysis. It integrates seamlessly with Amazon Lex, the technology on which Alexa provides IVR using Automatic Search Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). It further integrates with Amazon Polly for Text-to-Speech, supporting a number of languages and accents. This enables a conversational interface in human-like voice.

Like other Amazon Web Services, its pricing is on the pay as you go model. It is based on customer-connected minute plus any associated telephony services with no upfront cost or long-term commitments. Amazon connect is an open platform and supports easy integration with third party platforms, existing databases, workforce management, CRM and BI Tools. Its easy integration with the AWS ecosystem offers endless opportunities to leverage insights from the contact data.

To summarize, with Amazon Connect, the future of the contact center is smart and positioned towards enhancing customer experience through omni-channel service

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