Software testing on the rise

Shyam Ramanathan,

Global Delivery Director 

Published: November 10, 2015

IT budget spend is a good indicator of key market trends. In its 2015 Worldwide IT Spending Forecast, research firm Gartner estimates about $4 trillion in annual spending on IT. Testing is one area of spending, which can be used to prevent avoidable failures that cut into IT budgets.

Testing is typically more than one percent of a company's IT budget and billions of dollars are allocated to it every year. To manage the avoidable costs of failure, it is important that organizations stay ahead of the latest software testing trends to save money and practice prevention. In order to do so, organizations should be aware of the key trends in software testing.

Key Trends in Software Testing

Transformational projects are one of the latest trends in testing. According to the World Quality Report, an in-depth research study commissioned by Capgemini, Hewlett-Packard (HP), and Sogeti, a higher portion of overall IT budgets are invested in testing and focused on transformational projects.

Beyond transformation projects, the industry is experiencing increased focus on establishing a Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE). In 2012, the overall budget for testing as a percentage of the IT budget increased from 18 to 28 percent and continues to grow. There is also rapid growth in fully operational TCoE within organizations. This is a great opportunity for organizations to get experience setting up and running TCoE. Organizations are moving toward consolidating testing operations in response to market demands and differing models of testing delivery. Building a successful TCoE involves getting sponsor buy in, evangelizing with project teams, establishing clear processes, templates, status reports, metrics reporting, and clear end-to-end communication channels.

The article was originally published on Software Magazine on Nov 06, 2015 and is re-posted here by permission. Click here to access the complete article.

Shyam Ramanathan

Global Delivery Director 

Shyam Ramanathan has been working in the IT world for over 21 years, where he has developed a breadth of knowledge and experience in program management, requirements analysis, requirements review, Use case modelling, project planning, test design, test execution, and establishing global delivery teams across geographies and building Center of Excellence. 

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