Pega 7 - a synonym for millennial BPM

Published: January 3, 2018

A recap of the brilliant features that make Pega 7:

  • True Omni Channel Experience: Pega 7 delivers an optimized and consistent user experience in every channel.
  • Right Information in Right Style: Pega 7 provides easy access of process information to the business users, ensuring timely availability of accurate data.
  • True Social-True Millennial
  • Intelligent BPM
  • Never-go-down application

True Social - True Millennial

Pega 7 is now an elite social platform. With Pega Pulse, Pega 7 adds social activity stream capabilities to the case management user interface. Pulse enables users to communicate with other users in their work group by sharing messages, files, and URLs. The Pulse gadget offers features for enhanced collaboration. Using case manager or case worker, a user can create and assign cases. It also allows for user tagging, alerts, and notifications, which are helpful in providing an update on case status across the group. Pega 7 supports social engagement and reading sentiments on social media. Pega 7 can be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, enabling users to post to social media right from their BPM application. All these features aid in reducing process completion cycle and promoting higher efficiency.

Intelligent BPM

Predictive and adaptive analytics capabilities built into Pega 7 helps you mine data and provides incisive decision-making information. Pega 7 helps analyze customer interactions and suggests Next-Best-Action and Next-Best-Offer. Another helpful solution is the Predictive Analytics Director (PAD). Typically, strategy designers develop models by analyzing customer interactions or historic data outside of their BPM suites. However, with PAD all this can be accomplished within Pega 7. Designers can generate comprehensive analytical models and score cards required for Next-Best-Action and Next-Best-Offer.

Never go down

Gen C and Gen D (read "Build for Change"-Alan Treflerto know more) users need a Never Go Downapplication. Pega 7 caters to this demand ‚ all planned upgrades go without any downtime because of its "High Availability" feature. Even unplanned shutdown or crash of the production system can be controlled to minimum downtime. Failover is invisible to users as they are instantly migrated to a standby server, hence delivering on zero disruption.

And this is just the beginning

With a generation that will soon comprise over a third of all customers in the marketplace, Pega 7 surely is delivering the perfect experiential services. The platform is built to enable agility in responding to the ever-evolving high-demands of the millennials. By adapting to the millennials‚ need and speaking their language, Pega 7 is truly showing us why it is the true Millennial Platform.

Author's note: A proud moment for Virtusa, as Pega certified us as having the World's first certified Pega 7 Instructor. We are the only partner in the world to provide in-house training for Pega 7

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