Modern testing disruptions

Published: January 24, 2018

Digital transformation is real, challenging enterprises to innovate and adopt to stay competitive. Disruption from innovative financial tech (FinTech) companies, increasing adoption of digital technology by customers, better and smarter devices, new products through Internet of Things (IoT) integration, the ability to deliver pointed solutions through machine learning and artificial intelligence, and a focus on customer experience are all part of digital transformation.

While change is great, it produces a critical question. How does this impact the way software is currently being tested? Nothing can be as wrong as believing that testing relies on techniques and strategies previously used for testing legacy and web-based applications. To summarize, digital testing strategy is different and traditional testing fails in its ability to meet the disruption.

Reduce Production Failures

Testing for customer experience reduces production failures. Customer experience is not limited to designing a great looking user interface (UI) but covers the entire gamut of customer touch points. It reflects the total interactions customers have with the enterprise throughout the customer lifecycle. It is not unrealistic to state that the customer experience journey starts even before someone becomes your customer. It lasts even when someone is no longer a customer.

Transformative digital technology solutions

Dramatically increase the success of your digital transformation

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