Key considerations for effective mobile testing

Shyam Ramanathan,

Global Delivery Director 

Published: September 10, 2015

The World Quality Report mentions that "testing is becoming ever more critical as consumers expect a seamless end-user experience across multi-channel applications and devices in an 'always-on' world."

Mobile testing has no doubt exploded in the last four to five years with more users moving towards mobile. Users are very particular on the standards required for a mobile app to be functional. If you don't get the users attention within the first 5 minutes, the user will delete the app without ever coming back to it.

There are generally three types of mobile apps: native applications, Web applications and hybrid applications. A lot of organizations are going for the hybrid apps so that they can cover a large array of platforms. According to Gartner more than 50 percent of deployed apps will be hybrid by 2016.

This article was originally published on MobilityTechZone, September 01, 2015 and is re-posted here by permission.Click here to access the complete article.

Shyam Ramanathan

Global Delivery Director 

Shyam Ramanathan has been working in the IT world for over 21 years, where he has developed a breadth of knowledge and experience in program management, requirements analysis, requirements review, Use case modelling, project planning, test design, test execution, and establishing global delivery teams across geographies and building Center of Excellence. 

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