Digital transformation for CSPs

Ravi Kumar Palepu,

SVP & Global Solutions Head, Telecom, Media & Technology Practice

Published: March 1, 2018

The digital age is here and it's fast moving and exciting. It is shaping the CSP landscape worldwide. It's affecting who they compete with, how they interact with their customers and what types of partnerships they bring about. Who isn't trying to re-imagine business, work, and life, in this convergence of the physical and virtual world where there is seemingly infinite compute and capacity at our fingertips? There's no end-state to digital transformation. Digital is constantly changing, and investing in technology and business models to engage digital customers is an exercise in ongoing agility and adaptation. So CSPs, get ready to embrace the digital world not just today but forever.

How is it affecting CSPs?

Ubiquitous technology innovations, evolving customer demand, and heightened competition from a new entrants (either completely new players or organizations evolved through horizontal/vertical integrations) are dramatically reshaping Communication Service Providers- (CSPs) business. In this process, these trends are pressurizing CSPs to bring new digital products and services to market, and do so more quickly than ever.

Ravi Kumar Palepu

SVP & Global Solutions Head, Telecom, Media & Technology Practice

In his role, Ravi has led technology council for Telco across locations and drove consistent standards, best practices as well as domain and technical competency across the Telco accounts. He was also part of the Global Technology Office leadership and has bridged the gap between the GTO and the global Telco accounts.  

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