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As the retail industry continues to evolve rapidly, retailers are adopting cloud transformation to gain strategic objectives of lower TCO, increased agility, and scale while keeping up with changing dynamics, disruption, and customer expectations.  

Virtusa has successfully helped over 65+ global clients and built 200+ tools and platforms using Microsoft technologies. Virtusa continues to partner with Microsoft enabling retailers to help accelerate cloud migration and remote cloud management. It is seamless, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. Azure enables businesses to integrate and manage their environments with tools and services designed for hybrid cloud backed by a team of experts.

Our rich partner ecosystem extends the platform’s value with retail-specific solutions to address the industry’s most urgent challenges and future-proofs retail organizations to proactively prepare for what’s next. 



Accelerate cloud transformation and end-to-end adoption of Azure at speed

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of products and services to the retail industry. It aims to connect experiences across the end-to-end shopper journey with integrated and intelligent capabilities. By bringing the various data sources across the retail value chain, retailers will realize the true value of their data by enriching core business processes and turning data into actionable insights. Microsoft Azure for retail allows organizations to adopt the capabilities of organizations to address business needs and create an intelligent supply chain to reimage the business model. 

The databases and storage services make it possible to connect and combine data silos, creating a digital feedback loop. The data is then synthesized to drive improved business outcomes ranging from customer demand, commerce, payments, and distribution. Advanced analytics and AI solutions can help retailers gain actionable intelligence, develop intelligent applications, and support technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and mixed reality. 

Microsoft Azure for Retail Industry

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Quick and significant cost savings with Azure Hybrid Cloud Benefit

Strengthen security posture

Build and deliver hybrid cloud solutions

Build an agile business process with the Microsoft Power Platform

Boost productivity with Dynamics 365 and Office 365

Azure DevOps with extensive integration

Cloud-scale analytics on your terms

Streamline compliance with Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform with over 90 compliance offerings and 50 specifics to global regions

Success story

Virtusa implemented sales analytics for a leading wireless retailer

The client’s data resided in twelve different systems across various functions in multiple formats such as REST APIs, SQL Server, .DAT files, and Flat files. Virtusa enabled data integration using Azure Cloud solution to model it in Azure Datawarehouse. We also created a Power BI data model/datasets. We also implemented an analytical model as-a-service powered by a dynamic dashboard and mobile version that enabled visualizations of futuristic scenarios and actionable insights.

With our intervention, the client realized real-time analytics on the mobile/Ipads. It also acquired real-time sales and commission projections for team motivation.

Success story

Virtusa implemented Microsoft Azure for a large food retail chain to reduce cost and increase productivity

The client wanted real-time data visibility in its various retail stores. Virtusa implemented a hybrid cloud model for moving data between retail stores and backend applications. The team designed and implemented a cloud solution for retail stores’ productivity applications suite that serves a massive number of retail stores. This involved three cloud-based applications utilizing Azure features: worker roles and web roles, Blob Storages, Table Storages, SQL Azure Queues, and Azure Cache.

The solution implemented helped the client achieve real-time data movement to support new e-commerce solutions which serve retail stores. Increased hardware usage efficiencies and led to cost reductions in provisioning. The client achieved increased availability, usage optimization, and up-front cost reductions.

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