Creating Technological Disruption in the Healthcare and Lifesciences Industries

Organizations are achieving break through results by adopting Microsoft Azure Cloud, especially in the HLS ecosystem, with primary focus on:

  • Enhancing patient experience 
  • Health data management and interoperability 
  • Digital R&D innovation Simplifying and enhancing compliance 
  • Building transformative and secure analytical solutions 
  • Achieve extensive integration of patient data to drive improved outcomes more quickly 
  • Improving overall end to end Security while containing Cloud FinOps costs 

Virtusa has successfully helped 65+ global clients and built over 200 platforms using Microsoft technologies. We continue to partner with Microsoft enabling the healthcare and life sciences industries to help accelerate cloud migration, application modernization and cloud management and optimization. Virtusa, by leveraging our broad Azure competencies, enables businesses to integrate and manage their environments with tools and services designed for hybrid cloud backed by a team of experts.

This partnership is leveraged to develop products for the healthcare and life sciences industries. The solutions address the most crucial challenges faced by patients, payers, and providers. 



Accelerate cloud transformation and end-to-end adoption of Azure at speed

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of products and services for the healthcare and life sciences industries. It connects experiences across the end-to-end patient journey with integrated and intelligent capabilities. By bringing the various data sources across the value chain, providers and payers realize the true value of their data by enriching core business processes and turning data into actionable insights.

The databases and storage services make it possible to connect and combine data silos, creating a digital feedback loop. Advanced analytics and AI solutions help industries gain actionable intelligence, develop intelligent applications, and support technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and mixed reality.

Drive innovation at scale with Virtusa’s innovative platforms and Azure technologies

  • Quick and significant cost savings with Azure Hybrid Cloud Benefit
  • Accelerated SQL DB migration solutions for Azure
  • Strengthen security posture
  • Build and deliver hybrid cloud solutions
  • Build an agile business process with the Microsoft Power Platform
  • Boost productivity with Dynamics 365 and Office 365
  • Azure DevOps with extensive integration
  • Cloud-scale analytics on your terms
  • Streamline compliance with Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform with over (90) compliance offerings and (50) specifics to global regions

Satisfied clients worldwide

We have been part of some of the most successful, large-scale Azure transformation journeys. 

Azure ensures accelerated digitization to innovate your healthcare and life sciences business

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