MarTech Transformation for the Communications Industry

Raising the bar on total customer experience for greater retention and acquisition

The telco consumer is looking for unique, personalized, and custom interactions with the brands they choose. And these days, a brand is not just a name – it encompasses values, a persona, and a perception, which are often judged quickly. It is up to the brand to demonstrate the value they bring to their consumer, how – when – and where they prefer it.

The evolution of 5G is just the starting point for brands in the space to move the needle when it comes to a personalized customer experience.

So, where do brands go next?

Telco companies must consider the intersection of technology and media within the telco space and what that means for their services. It is no longer about providing a simple internet connection. Connected devices and the immersion of streaming, AI, and social media offer brands an opportunity to do much more.

Industry leaders know they need to accelerate

their MarTech transformation but they're facing a

range of challenges including:

Inability to scale with content leads to decreased brand awareness, missed conversion opportunities, and lost customers

Time and budget waste looking for assets and duplicating content

Unable to track experience impact

Customer data sits across disparate data sources, systems, business units, and teams

Underdeveloped capabilities and staffing to create, use, and optimize content at scale to deliver personalized experiences

Inability to coordinate campaign messages, delivery channels, and timing with current tools

Difficulty identifying and targeting high-value prospect audiences

Legacy and home-grown solutions lead to fragmented stack and significant tech debt

MarTech Transformation for the Communications Industry
Turn to the MarTech experts

To address these challenges, leading telecommunications providers and CSPs are turning to Virtusa, the leading expert in MarTech transformation for the telecommunications industry.

Virtusa brings a unique combination of skills, tools, technologies, and experience in engineering to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Virtusa’s experts know how to create the frictionless experience your customers expect. With real-time insights at your fingertips, you can delight existing customers and attract new ones.

By applying best practices and pre-built and tested solutions, Virtusa has helped telecommunications providers quickly see results:

  • 90% reduced time to market
  • Increase self-service by 60-70%
  • 25% improvement in campaign velocity and outbound lead gen


Get started today!

With an extensive partner ecosystem, more than 1,200 MarTech engineers and experts, and a wealth of telco industry experience, Virtusa has everything you need to make your marketing transformation a reality.