MarTech Transformation for
the High-Tech Industry

Empowering greater personalization for optimal business outcomes

The technology sector is experiencing tremendous, fast-paced growth. Competition is fierce, causing innovation cycles to occur at an increasingly rapid pace, and industry players are spending significant amounts on research and development.

Such disruptive market forces are prompting high-tech companies to seek new ways to compete – and marketing is leading the way. That's why SaaS, IT, and tech marketers must embrace the latest demand and lead generation trends and how to convert prospects into sales opportunities.

Consider that moderate improvements in CX translate to $1B incremental revenue for technology brands, and it’s no surprise why marketing teams are under pressure to:

  • Consistently grow subscription volumes
  • Increase customer loyalty 
  • Identify the most valuable customers and target similar audiences
  • Anticipate and reduce churn
  • Act on deeper customer insights
  • Engage customers on multiple channels
  • Eliminate data and functional silos
  • Support customers remotely
  • Develop a 360-degree view of customers
  • Measure cross-channel campaign effectiveness
  • Deliver personalized experiences at all fundamental customer interactions

Marketing Impact

Technology marketing programs must encompass the customer life cycle to meet retention and growth goals. To make an impact, tech marketers must effectively enable their sales teams while improving the customer experience, facilitating customer success, and developing advocacy.

By applying MarTech best practices and pre-built and tested solutions, technology companies can quickly see an impact on ROI including:


+22% time on site


+12% revenue by accelerating the sales process


+150% accuracy improvement


+13% increased conversions

Additional benefits of a successful MarTech
transformation include:

Centralized & standardized CX data and real-time customer profiles that can be segmented, searched, and activated to deliver timely customer experiences

Analytics and ML for faster and deeper insights

Enhanced delivery and personalization of real-time experiences

Faster time to value through marketer- and developer-friendly tools

Full view of customers and the ability to track and measure all interactions

Engagement of customers through relevant, personalized digital experiences across various channels, at scale

Measuring the effectiveness of campaigns across multiple channels

Leveraging intelligent automation to create, manage, deliver, and track customer experiences across every touchpoint.

Enabling the ability to quickly design, organize, and access personalized content for all touchpoints

Enabling of journey management for a consistent, personalized experience

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