Win over interoperability
challenges with Salesforce
Health Cloud and MuleSoft


Virtusa can improve your patient experience
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patient marketing


Patients are increasingly looking for a seamless digital experience when choosing a health provider. It takes just a few – but critical – questions of a patient to select the right healthcare provider:

  • How easy is it to re-schedule an appointment? 
  • How personalized and relevant in the marketing and engagement I receive? 
  • How well do they handle my feedback and complaints? 

With Virtusa’s deep domain knowledge in the provider space and expertise on the Salesforce Health Cloud platform, we ensure that providers stay ahead of the competition.



Features & Benefits

Deliver personalized engagement to consumers, improve overall patient experience and overcome interoperability barriers with Virtusa’s Providers Offering powered by Salesforce.

With our Salesforce Health Cloud and MuleSoft offering, healthcare providers can:

  • Build the patient 360 and empower users with electronic medical record (EMR) data at their fingertips to overcome Salesforce-EMR interoperability challenges with MuleSoft
  • Bring Epic’s clinical and non-clinical data via flat files or HL7 with the MuleSoft Healthcare Accelerator and the FHIR-aligned Salesforce data model
  • Overlay pre-built UI components to visualize complex data and understand it faster, such as Timeline and Household
  • Develop an omnichannel experience for patient complaints, grievances, and feedback and create SLAs to ensure timely resolution within CMS guidelines, allowing patients to share their views via the channel of their choice
  • Setup social media sentiment analysis and case creation; self-service chatbots and modern call-center experiences
  • Bring consumer data together from disparate sources – internal and external commercially acquired data – to understand your consumers better and create more granular audiences for marketing campaigns and journeys with Salesforce CDP
  • Leverage behavioral data from your digital sites to further personalize engagements across all channels
  • Develop next-generation call center capabilities that enable agents to streamline call handling for common call types like appointment scheduling and billing inquiries
  • Apply intelligent automation within your chat and voice channels to deflect away low-complexity calls, allowing agents to focus on conversations that matter 

Success stories

Virtusa launched a non-clinical call center for a leading healthcare technology and outsourcing company

The client partnered with several well-known hospital systems across the US to provide non-clinical call center solutions to build a reusable ‘call center in a box’ solution that could be rolled out to multiple providers with minimal effort. Virtusa designed a call center solution leveraging Salesforce Health Cloud and MuleSoft to integrate data from different client EMRs. 

This data was sent to Salesforce to standardize it within the enterprise data exchange solution, which was then sent to MuleSoft for transformation and loaded into Salesforce. The client leveraged Health Cloud integrated appointment scheduling with Epic to streamline the most common call type so that the agents could handle the entire call from Salesforce. The reusability and easy integration of Salesforce architecture allowed the client to rapidly support any new business by rolling out call centers to a new hospital system. Furthermore, outsourcing call center agents to manage calls for different hospital systems reduced overall development and testing costs. 

Virtusa is delivering personalized consumer engagement to drive acquisition and retention at leading Bay Area provider

With its consumer data spread across various internal and external sources, the client could not drive marketing campaigns to meet personalization targets. Moreover, disparate systems marred with outdated data limited the client to acquire new patients, meet business targets, and improve overall engagement with existing patients. Virtusa leveraged MuleSoft to facilitate data exchange from Epic to the Salesforce ecosystem (Health Cloud and CDP) in real-time and batch. We identified data points required by the patient experience team in the health cloud, which is also needed by marketing and feeding those in CDP. 

We also deployed Interaction Studio SDK to a consumer-facing website to capture behavioral data and feed it into CDP. We designed and built modern patient experience applications in the health cloud to receive and manage patient feedback from multiple channels, including phone and web, email, and social. The client significantly reduced manual processes within patient experience associated with managing various channels. We also provided a self-service CDP with data flows from multiple sources, including Salesforce and Epic, with zero marketing wait time for data. The client could design and deliver personalized email campaigns and journeys that resonate with a patient, such as a pregnancy to pediatrics journey for all patients registered to give birth at the client’s hospitals.

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