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Moving from prototypes to live solutions

Companies are at a crossroads. They have spent considerable effort delving into the world of genAI, their labs buzzing with experiments to understand what this new tech can do. From personalized marketing campaigns that feel eerily specific to chatbots that answer questions with uncanny human-like fluency, the potential seemed limitless. Yet, the chasm between controlled experiments and real-world deployment remains. To truly unlock the transformative power of genAI, companies must bridge this gap, meticulously crafting solutions that are safe, accurate, and seamlessly integrated into existing workflows to deliver tangible results. Virtusa has helped multiple clients bridge this gap by bringing their genAI solutions to life in production on Google Cloud. This experience empowers us to anticipate challenges and address those with solutions that have been proven to work. To help clients navigate this journey, we have structured our generative AI offerings on Google Cloud with an eye on production launch.

Business challenges

A lot of generative AI experimentation happened last year. However, businesses face the following challenges today:

  • Rigorous prioritization of use cases based on business benefit.
  • Bridging the gap between point of contact (POC) and production, which includes challenges around:
    • Accuracy of the solution​
    • Assurance/certification of the solution for safety, bias, toxicity, and hallucinations​
    • Ongoing operational monitoring of the solution for drift​
    • Navigating a rapidly evolving technology landscape


Why Virtusa

Clients choose Virtusa for the genAI needs for the following reasons:

a. Gen AI Center of Excellence (CoE) for Google Cloud: 2000-member Center of Excellence (CoE) for GenAI under a strategic collaboration with Google Cloud.

b. Rich funding options: Sizeable investments are available to build GenAI solutions on Google Cloud.

c. Our production experience: Virtusa has launched several customer-facing generative solutions into production with 99.3% accuracy.

d. Our solution expertise: We have deep expertise in Google Cloud stacks such as Vertex.AI and Gemini, as well as running open-source models on Google Cloud.


Our genAI offerings on Google Cloud

Consulting and advisory


  • Prioritization and road mapping
  •  Center of Excellence (CoE) and governance


Discrete solution development


  • Experimentation
  •  Productionization
  •  Data services



  • Responsible AI evaluations
  •  Observability and monitoring
Our partnership with Google Cloud

Google is a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and has been at the forefront of AI innovation for over a decade, uniquely positioning Google Cloud to take advantage of groundbreaking innovations and in-house research. Google is the only cloud provider with a vertically integrated, vertically optimized AI platform to help organizations build, use, and succeed in adopting generative AI.

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