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With Virtusa and Pega


Learn how to drive scalable, mission-critical value across your enterprise by delivering growth through enhanced customer and employee experience.

Companies struggle to keep up with changing customer needs and are spending excess time, effort, and money to maintain outdated legacy applications. As a result, most of their IT budgets are spent on maintaining the status quo and not on innovation.

To achieve sufficient cross-organizational value and impact your business bottom line, companies should focus on enhancing the following areas: 

Personalizing engagement

Accelerating acquisition and onboarding

Automating customer service

Streamlining operations

Resolving exceptions

Nowadays, customers are constantly looking for products that cater to their specific needs. In return, companies are merging to support these demands and to improve their market share. Physical call centers are being replaced with virtual spaces and remote agents, so automation is crucial to ensure seamless customer service. Operations must streamline operations to support efficient employee onboarding and improved customer experiences, such as easy interactions, usage, and speedy call resolutions.

With the convergence of IT and OT capabilities and the adoption of cross-industry practices for organizations across the manufacturing sector, Pega connects workflows and interactions for the customer and operational lifecycles at an industrial level. 

We empowers manufacturers to: 

Personalize customer engagement to generate lifetime customer value for traditional automotive and emerging mobility customer lifecycles or the new “as-a-service” subscribers – focusing on the “always on, real-time” expectations of today’s consumers.

Onboard new suppliers and streamline operational friction in supplier management. We can eliminate significant processing time from workflows and help you protect your revenue, results, and reputation from risk.

Uniquely combine personalization with customer engagement to increase loyalty. With our help, businesses can: Reduce time and effort to close out loans, accelerate customer onboarding experiences, automate account servicing to resolve service requests and payment exceptions efficiently across channels, intelligently manage delinquencies and collections, and rapidly boost the efficiency of various back-office processes to streamline costly manual operations.

Automate and deliver exceptional customer and aftermarket services: Maximize product and machine uptime, minimize customer effort and disruption, enable preemptive resolution of maintenance, warranty, and other lifecycle events that generate or erode customer loyalty, and adopt new “as-a-service” business models.

Streamline enterprise operations by removing cost, time, and risk to boost agility and efficiency of complex or manual operational processes such as quality management, customer order management, supplier management, shared services (i.e., High-Volume Transactions), and ESG/sustainability. For converged ERP-powered IT/OT workflows needing modernization, Pega’s low-code decision-making, and workflow automation can provide an agile layer of support and help you unlock business value.

What makes Virtusa and Pega the ideal partner for this solution?

  • We focus on being customer-centric. Our architecture centers on decisions and workflow, aligning them with customer outcomes that matter.
  • Case management enforces people, processes, and systems automation to ensure every action is auditable.
  • We build a “center-out” architecture that works across existing systems and embeds easily into existing channels and applications.
  • We implement real-time, large-scale decision-making. Our ability to oversee sizeable data sets and predict the next-best action for customers or workflows remains unmatched.
  • With pivoting capabilities, we can respond to actions and changes immediately (i.e., when someone clicks on a website or sends a question to an agent) and respond accordingly.
  • Transparency, bias-testing, and empathy functionalities are built into your AI to ensure overall efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We adapt to change at the speed of business:
    • Low code allows change >6X faster than code
    • Self-learning AI decision-making improves in real time
    • Reusable assets support composability
  • We encourage layers of reuseWe design our platform for distributed, multi-product businesses on a global scale.
    • Patented Situational Layer Cake organizes standard processes and rules and allows reuse and customization by simply defining what needs to be different for a particular region, product, or customer.
  • We focus on enterprise scaling for massive value. Our low-code platforms range from governed citizen development to the most sophisticated, mission-critical use cases. Over the years, we have built deep and trusted relationships with our enterprise clients based on in-depth expertise, proven technology, and a commitment to success.

Pega is a low-code platform that helps customers build and release applications rapidly. Pega’s rule-driven architecture with case management capabilities enables end-to-end case tracking and provides visibility during the tracking process. Pega’s A.I.-driven decision platform provides one-on-one interaction for the customer and empowers customer service agents to guide interactions with next-best-action solutions. Pega’s robust architecture connects with legacy platforms to allocate data in one place, allowing for seamless business workflow processing and a single data view.

Virtusa has been a critical strategic partner to Pegasystems for over a decade, and we proudly hold one of the largest Pega consulting practices. Additionally, we have invested substantially toward developing Pega-based solutions and consulting service offerings, incorporating our strong domain knowledge and diverse engineering background.

Are you ready to unlock new value for your business?

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