Why equity in tech won’t happen unless we engineer it.

Virtusa hosts an exclusive global fireside chat to dive
into the engineering equity conversation.

Session 1: March 8th –7am GMT/2am EST/12:30PM IST
Session 2: March 8th –1PM GMT/8AM EST/6:30PM IST


Join Virtusa for a global livestream fireside chat on the #EmbraceEquity conversation and gender equity in society and the workplace.

This International Women’s Day, we are hosting a global Fireside Chat consisting of two-panel discussions on gender equity. This exclusive livestream event aims to raise awareness on the shortage of women role models in the tech industry and delve deeper into the #EmbraceEquity conversation. Our goal is to emphasize that gender equity is a necessity that should be part of every society’s DNA.

Join the chat and hear high-profile women tech leaders from Virtusa and beyond share their experiences navigating the equity gap and finding success in an ever-evolving landscape.

Please access the livestreams on all platforms below.