The new normal: The need for digital transformation in healthcare

Published: July 15, 2020

As the US begins to emerge from its self-imposed quarantine and the world adjusts to the new normal, there will be some challenging questions facing healthcare leaders. The supply side of healthcare has been dramatically curtailed as a result of provider resources having to shift focus to COVID-19 cases. As providers return to practicing standard care, high demand will meet limited supply in the months to come, creating a new kind of disruption.

Many individuals were forced into new or modified healthcare plans as their employment status changed. Both healthcare providers and payers will be under tremendous pressure to respond to the coming wave of needed care.

In this webinar, Nicole Neumarker, Senior Vice President of R&D for Cotiviti, Kelli Bravo Vice President, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Pegasystems, Inc., and Vaibhav Srivastava, Senior Vice President, Healthcare, Virtusa, explain how your organization can quickly implement integrated solutions such as multi-channel CRM, appeals and grievances, care management, and more as part of your digital transformation.

Attendees learn, in today’s uncertain times, how digital transformation can help your organization to be proactive and:

  • Anticipate member/patient needs and demands
  • Provide a higher level of responsiveness and care
  • Drive member/patient satisfaction and loyalty
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