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HSVs must embrace innovation as a service to drive better decisions and healthcare outcomes at a lower cost. Actionable data and insights drive effective decision-making in all industries. Given the diversity of the US healthcare market, ensuring timely, accurate and quality delivery of health information from multiple sources is a challenging task. Despite the associated risks, many organizations tend to make decisions based on available data and not the data they need. Healthcare software vendors enable organizations to address these gaps by providing quick and seamless access to traditional structured data and new unstructured data from EMR, wearables, and IoT to gain new analytical insights.

Virtusa specializes in delivering enterprise data solutions from business intelligence, data governance, and master data management to Cloud-based analytics and enterprise information management solutions for healthcare technology companies. Combining industry best practices and delivery experience, we offer best-in-class healthcare technology solutions that help health plans, payers, providers, and consumers adapt to complex healthcare reforms, measure the effectiveness of care, enhance service, and sustain growth.

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